Our Tours

Everyday at 11am & 5pm

Morning Free Tour

Historical Center (Centro Histórico)

We will visit the most interesting places in the city. You will know the history and culture of its inhabitants. The duration of the tour is about two hours and a half. Starting from the meeting point and ending at Patio Olmos.

  • Cathedral (La Catedral)
  • The Council (El Cabildo)
  • 'La mundial' Building (Edificio 'La Mundial')
  • The Crypt (La Cripta)
  • The Jesuit Square (Manzana Jesuitica)

Afternoon Free Tour

Bohemian and Modern neighborhood (Barrio Bohemio y Moderno)

The Tour starts at Ferreyra Palace and it ends in the Bohemian neighborhood (Güemes). We will visit two of the best neighborhoods in Córdoba! Some things you will see are:

  • Ferreyra Palace (Palacio Ferreyra)
  • Eiffel's Wheel (Rueda Eiffel)
  • Sarmiento Park(Parque Sarmiento)
  • Buen Pastor
  • Artisans Fair (Feria de los artesanos)
  • Los Capuchinos Church (Iglesia de los Capuchinos)
  • Bohemian Neighborhood(Barrio Güemes)