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Discover Córdoba, Argentina with us! Everyday tours at 11am & 5pm.

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La Docta is a local company, whose guides have lived in and loved Córdoba, Argentina for many years. We enjoy our work so much that we have become the highest-rated guiding organization in Córdoba on TripAdvisor! The concept is simple: we give you a great tour, and you decide how much it was worth to you. You will enjoy a walk while you hear the background of Cordoba´s history. Discover the beauty of its magnificent architecture and learn, explained by a local guide, stories and facts from the Colonial times until present days.

Córdoba The Antique (Morning Tour)

emoji_people San Martin Statue (Estatua de San Martín)

schedule Everyday: 11 AM

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Córdoba The Modern (Afternoon Tour)

emoji_people Ferreyra Palace (Palacio Ferreyra)

schedule Everyday: 5 PM

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Córdoba the Rebellious (Alberdi Tour)

We are sorry! Alberdi tour is cancelled until further notice.

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